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Organicspa celebrate their 10th anniversary providing certified organic skincare products to spas & beauty salons across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe and America. Our independent organic certification assures that our products use only natural ingredients, and as a result soothe, repair and nourish your complexion.

The organicspa range of chemical-free, natural and organic beauty products are created and manufactured by us here in the beautiful Byron Bay region of Australia. Our highly qualified chemists work on site to create formulations using bioactive native Australian ingredients combined with therapeutic extracts to provide proven results on the skin. All organicspa products are accredited vegan, cruelty and chemical free guaranteeing your purity of the product.

The organicspa range is available exclusively to spas and beauty salons, use our Become a Stockist form if you are interested in stocking our range of organic skincare products.

"Effective and Natural Beauty is the expression of organicspa. Made for those who seek the ultimate sophistication in organic skincare."

The Fragrant Pharmacy

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, the smell of a particular aroma or perfume can evoke old feelings, emotions and sometimes even a moment of nostalgia. We believe this is why consumers want their cosmetic products to inspire them daily with a beautiful smell. organicspa is a truly natural &… View Article
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